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transport gustavo diaz

Have you seen me act?

I just starred in this fun little action flick called 'The Transport,' visit the site (below).

[W] TransportMovie.com


Great and True Statement by George Carlin.

In addition to being funny, George Carlin is tremendously brilliant and perceptive.

I think he's not trying to
make us laugh but instead
make us think. I'm certain
he'd rather have no jokes
left to tell because people,
as a whole, have finally woke
up and began taking life serious.

Click Here to read an interesting message not really written by George Carlin, but that does embody his character and messages.

UPDATE!! George Carlin passed away June 22, 2008. I couldn't believe it, it was so very saddening to me-- and I never got to see him perform. RIP Mr. Carlin.


A great quote!

"If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man."

-Mark Twain



Welcome to my personal web site!

Gustavo Diaz bl
Advertiser + Businessman + Director + Graphic/Web Designer
+ Writer

business creative

About My Site ghygry
Welcome to my personal web site, as you explore my site don't forget my blog section you can find videos I upload that documents my day-to-day life. I have a business section that talks about the businessman side of me, from iGem Productions to iGem Health, and my sea vegetable supplement Living Sea. To see my inner-artist check out the creative section, where you can find graphic design projects I've done, such as identity designs (like logos and stationery), web sites I've created, short films, TV shows, and other video's I've made. Media is for pictures of me and my life, from friends and family to places I visit and sites I've seen.

:: UPDATE!! ::

I just added a new section to my web site called Think.There I have empowering and mind-expanding articles and messages that is sure to make you THINK.


don't advertise by Gustavo Diaz

Don't Advertise: Failing has never been so funny.

Don't Advertise is a feature length film based on my past business exploits. I have since left the project but it was a great experience and I worked with a lot of awesome people.



[[ Blog.GustavoDiaz.com ]]

Where you can find out what I've been up too? What I've been thinking of? Or even my Video Blog! See how my days are spent and the adventures I encounter. All in my Blog!

:: Blog Updated 08/16/07 ::

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:: News in the life of Gustavo Diaz ::

[>] Links Section
( January 24, 2008)

Okay, so I've always been good at finding new and interesting web sites. So much so that people started finding out and wanted to be included on my daily finds. Now that I've assembled a pretty large selection of links I decided to share them with everybody on my site. I have everything from photoshop tutorials, mindless entertainment, great documentaries, optical illusions, life hacks and so much more.

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[>] I'm Giving Up the Entertainment Business
( November 13, 2007)

For the past few years I've been pretty involved in the entertainment business. Examples of of this are my last company (iGem Productions) originating from an MTV Show we were filming and having worked in a talent management company. Pretty much most of what I was doing related to the entertainment business in some capacity or another. With the exception of adapting the novel my best friend and I wrote into a television property (Helix Project), I decided to conclude all future activities in the entertainment business.....

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[>] Saw Genesis in Concert-- Video Online!
( October 13, 2007)

As far back as I could remember (about 4 years old) I've heard my uncle Joe play Genesis. We slept in the same room so naturally I would grow to enjoy the same kind of music as him. It's been 20 years since I first heard and loved Genesis and I still love them to this day. I'm the type of person who only likes a few songs from a band/singer but with Genesis I liked nearly all their music, so they were always the only band I wanted to see in concert. I was ecstatic when, about a year ago, I learned Phil Collins had reunited with Genesis and were going on tour again. Since their tour started in Europe I just forgot about buying tickets until two days before the concert I suddenly remembered, and boy was I lucky because I almost missed my only opportunity to see them here in LA. Tickets were actually relatively easy to find given many people bought more tickets than they needed, and I even got the tickets at less than face value!

So on Saturday at the Hollywood Bowl, I saw Genesis with Phil Collins perform live! It was an amazing experience that I will not soon forget.

[ vid ] Click here to watch the video


[>] NEW! Photo Albums Finally Online!
( September 20, 2007)

So I've always talked about having photos in my media section, but I never really did. Until Now! Making photo albums with Photoshop & Dreamweaver is quite a chore, from cropping, resizing, linking, and assembling, who has the time these days! But with the new Apple iLife 08' that I just bought, photo albums were a breeze. So click below and see my growing photo albums.

[ Quick Link ] My Photo Album


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